Saturday adventures. How CISC students explored the megaliths and went to a bee farm

Saturday adventures. How CISC students explored the megaliths and went to a bee farm

The autumn season has started in CISC_Weekend in Kyiv and Lviv. Once again the Saturdays are filled with adventures, fun and discoveries. The children explore a certain topic, travel, have fun and spend their time both joyfully and usefully. The Saturday was full of events for our little CISC students in Kyiv and Lviv. Come join us!

Weekend School in Kyiv. The prehistoric megaliths

In order to study in an INTERESTING way, a little game and visualization is necessary. That’s why in Kyiv Weekend School the children immersed into the prehistoric epoch with its megaliths. The CISC students explored the evolution of these mysterious structures • grew crystals • went on a virtual tour to the Easter Island to solve the mystery of Moai stone sculptures • recreated an ancient megalith • and even transformed into a prehistoric tribe.

CISC students also had game tasks aimed at the development of photographic and auditive memory, intuition, fantasy and imagination and associative thinking. The children also created a cartoon, had a yoga class and played football. Is’nt this a dream vacation?

CISC photo report. CISC_Weekend_Kyiv

Weekend School in Lviv. Expedition to a bee farm.

Api-expedition was really successful. The CISC students explored the beehives from the inside and learned all the secrets of bee-keeping profession. They learned everything about the busy bees, noted the most exciting facts in the “Explorer’s journal” and even tasted the delicious honey

The expedition ended with the theme-based game “The bees’ secret plot” which involved application of the new knowledge obtained. The children worked in teams, were creative, solved the puzzles and exchange knowledge. The expedition gave them some unique experience and impressions.

CISC photo report. CISC_Weekend_Lviv

The world around us is amazing! And it can be explored in many different ways. Creative International School for Children offers the most interesting one. We can say without any doubt that the autumn season in CISC_Weekend_School has started SUCCESSFULLY.  New impressions and unforgettable emotions await for us ahead. Join our exciting adventures!

The studies are conducted in the form of integrated courses once per week (during the whole day). Learn more about CISC_Weekend.

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