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Simulation game “UN Model” in Lviv

Simulation game “UN Model” in Lviv

For two days, on November 26-27, in CISC_Lviv we played again the educational simulation game UN Model. This time, it was organized and conducted by CISC teachers who passed the training for simulation game trainers in August this year.  

The preparation process, organizational moments, drawing of lots and the participants’ education lasted for a month. At that time the students received the materials and homework and passed the education course at politological club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Such experience became very valuable both for the students and the teachers – we passed the stage of fear, discomfort and valuation, and then played the UN Model game in a very balanced, tolerant and constructive manner.
Each of the participants received the precious experience of communication, public speech, discussion and teamwork for making a joint decision.

The participants – delegates from different countries – discussed the issue of primary and secondary education accessibility, approved a resolution and became confident in their wish to work in that direction.
To be continued.

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