Theatrical performance «12 Wonders of Christmas» in Kyiv

Theatrical performance «12 Wonders of Christmas» in Kyiv

📜 On December 21 at the National Centre named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko the amazing theatrical performance «Twelve Wonders of Christmas» took place, staged by the students and the team of School on Zadorozhny lane.

Like many other nations of the world, Ukrainians had a strong belief: you will live through the new year the same way you see it in. The New Year feast table had to be abundant with various dishes so that you would endure no hungry times.

The Christmas Eve — the Holy Evening — coincided with the fast. But despite that, the supper on that evening was called the rich kuita because 12 dishes had to be served, kutia (traditional dish with boiled grain) being one of them.

 The participants depicted through singing, dance and performance each dish of the Holy supper. For example, uzvar (traditional drink dried fruits) team had rap battle in which the students recited verses or stories starting with letter U.

The team representing pumpkin porridge performed through acting the traditional folk song «The Pumpkin walking through the garden».

The team representing dishes with cabbage staged an interesting performance: the students went on stage representing famous Ukrainians – Hryhorii Skovoroda, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Princess Olha etc, telling about the interesting facts from their lives and activities. The idea of such performance was that with every stage of its history Ukraine gets another new leaf, just like cabbage, and this way becoming ever-more stronger

💗And all the other creative performances brought us the most intense feelings. And at the end – We wish you a Merry Christmas performed by all the participants, warm hugs, tears of joy and a real festive mood.

We thank you all for the unforgettable show!

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