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TED-format picks up speed

TED-format picks up speed

For one day, CISC_Lviv. School that teaches how to think turned into a filming location for the promo video of TEDxLviv: Human of the Future Conference.   
It turns out that a simple question”How do you see your future?” may have numerous versions, fantasies and interesting answers.

And how do 6-12 year olds dream of the future? We suggest that you listen to CISC students:


In CISC_Kyiv. School that teaches how to think the internal school TED was held, during which the students of the fourth grade delivered their own philosophical speeches. Within the wave immersion, during the month the children studied the works and theories of different philosophers, discussed and searched the answers to the questions, communicated with interesting guests. And at the defending of the wave, they presented their own presentations and impressed the guests with the following philosophical speeches:   

How did our philosophy evolve?
Where was I when my grandma was young?
✓”I think that a successful person is the person who studies throughout the whole life”  
“It would be so wonderful if the scientists and politicians all over the world took into account and implemented in their works the norms of dignity and ethics. And we, as the students studying philosophy, can do a lot too – we can study, think and treat others with respect”.


The mission of TED-format is popularization of unique ideas through short, elaborate stories that inspire us and stimulate the obtaining of new knowledge.

CISC – School that teaches how to think.

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