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In Lviv, the parents of CISC students participated in #challenge_poetry

In Lviv, the parents of CISC students participated in #challenge_poetry

“All people are different and inimitable
Each and every one with a different destiny
Some are swift and chatty and agile…
But it’s the people that I admire.
For there are the prudent and the tacit ones,
Scarce with words but lavish with their deeds.
There are the joyful and the playful ones, their words fly
Spreading the light and warmth…»

In autumn, 2018, #challenge_poetry commenced in CISC, which immersed the whole CISC family into the beauty of Ukrainian poetry. The children and the staff members recited the poems and shot a sincere mini-video.

And now, the parents of CISC students in Lviv joined the challenge:

Video 1:


Video 2:


#challenge_poetry by the students and the teachers

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