The students presented their media projects at 1+1 media and obtained the Diplomas

The students presented their media projects at 1+1 media and obtained the Diplomas

At the office of 1+1 media media-group, the students of CISC_Holosiivo  presented their projects – the result of the second module of studies  at the Media faculty – and obtained their Diplomas.

TV, PR, communication, information content: the senior school students received new experience and presented to the jury their own videos shot in the 1+1 channel studio, and received feedback from the experts.

80% of the educational module included practice: work on camera, video editing, news-making, script writing. The producers expleined to the students how the idea pitching takes place, and shared the ideas and advice for efficient project presentation; the students also learned about the way the news grid is built, where the information is taken from, which sources are reliable and how to check their reliability. The classes and the practical sessions helped the students  to develop their critical thinking even more and to refine their information processing skills.

«In the second semester our curriculum was focused, mainly, on media professions. The students could try their strength in a wide range of professions modern creative industry can’t do without:  film editor, producer , script writer,  production manager, content manager, content manager, news caster –and we gave the most necessary skills and basic knowledge in all of these fields.  

At this course we also explored and mastered various idea-generating tools, studied the trends in social networks and the most popular media.  We studied the information consumption trends  among teenagers, and the platforms most often used by them to know the news. Based on our results, we worked together on news-making and creation of digital content  which would be interesting for the target audience.

I’d like to point out that we were impressed by the students’ creativity and unconventional approach, as well as their detailed and scrupulous attention to all the criteria we specified together while analyzing the media and the social networks»


Vitaliia Konishchuk, Head of the Вusiness line in 1+1 media school educational project

«My father is a film editor. When I was a kid, he always made photos and videos of me. He even has 18 feature-length films about me.  That’s why I’ve been interested in the media since childhood. I recall that I was given a photo camera for each birthday, and I created my own YouTube channel when I was 9. It’s obvious why I have selected the Media faculty, because I wanted to see from inside how everything works.

Due to my father’s working in this sphere, I knew some things very well, but some things became a real discovery. For example, I really liked the lesson when we were taught to position the picture so it would be harmonius, and we learned how to switch the pictures, male the splices – it was exciting»

Oleksandra Skorodumova, student of CISC 10 grade

As Ms. Vitaliia pointed out, the participants have improved their presentation skills, gained more confidence, got rid of the fear of making a mistake.  And their work with camera and on camera became even better – now the students can easily  go on air and improvise. And everyone present at the project presentation could see that the students were doing everything smoothly.

In which professions will such knowledge be useful?

«New professions are appearing even faster nowadays, and it is hard to predict what will be popular in the following 3-5 years.But even now we can prepare a new generation by giving them the knowledge, key skills and competences which will be required in the future.  That’s why we are doing our best to fill the curriculum with the tasks that will help develop the students’ creativity, critical thinking, ability to process enormous amounts of information.  

Beside application in all media-related professions, the knowledge and skills gained by the students at this course will come in handy in many creative industries, marketing PR and personal brand building, which is important for every business nowadays. Since the presentations skills, story-telling, creative solving of problems and unconventional thinking are in demand among the employers and this industry.  I am sure that such skills and their development will greatly assist the students in their studies, selection of the future profession and further building of their careers»

says Vitaliia Konishchuk, Head of the Вusiness line in 1+1 media school educational project

«I was very interested in this direction and everything related to it, no matter if I am in front or behind the camera. I have learned so many new things,  we had a new speaker every time, and they were amazing, trying to make the largest portion of the lesson interactive, to catch everyone’s attention. We received so much interesting information, for instance, how to position ourselves in front of the camera,  how to speak, hold our hands and make the gestures. We studied the cinema, learned about the bloopers, how to combine the far distance shots and close-ups. The journalist speakers caught our attention by telling real-life stories they reported on. When we created our own news, we were assisted, the experts taught us not to worry and to keep the focus. I am so glad that all this was in practice. I haven’t decided yet what I want to do in the future, but the media direction will be interesting and helpful for me in any case»

Iuliia Mitish, student of CISC 10 grade

We would like to remind you that in October 2020 we have launched the specialized media-education course together with 1+1 media school at “Communication and media” faculty of CISC_Holosiivo. Throughout the year the students are getting acquainted with the media professions together with the journalists, producers, PR-experts and bloggers.


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