Choosing a future profession. What must be considered?

Choosing a future profession. What must be considered?

A good choice of profession allows a person to realize his or herself, to be needed and to be content with life. When choosing an occupation, the following apects must be taken into consideration: can, want, need.

«Want» – is our desires, interests, inclinations and personal disposition.

«Can» – is the knowledge, skills, psychological specifics and health condition.

«Need» – is the demand for the profession chosen at the labour market.

The search and understanding of every aspect expands the understanding of oneself, forms the concept of a future profession. When all three aspects are harmoniously united, a сonscious choice of profession is formed.

The adequacy of choice and the level of mastering the knowledge affect all apects of one’s life and its quality.

Psychologists often use career-guiding tests to determine the level of interest and internal motivation to various types of professional activity.

A high level of interest and internal motivatoin provides for successful self-fulfillment (in case if a person has the necessary skills and psychological inclination) within certain types of professional activity.

An average level of interest and internal motivation demonstrates their indefinite or controversial expression, as well as volatility and uncertainty related to some types of professional activity.

A low level of interest and internal motivation to certain types of professional activity hinders a successful self-fulfillment. Ignoring this fact may cause a regular feeling of psychological discomfort at the working place, increased fatiguability and irritability, and an often change of employment.

Yuliia Danylova, tutor, consulting psychologist on methods of positive psychotherapy. 


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