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How a chat bot helps the students prepare to the External Independent Testing. Secrets of invention from its developer – senior CISC student

How a chat bot helps the students prepare to the External Independent Testing. Secrets of invention from its developer – senior CISC student

Can preparation for the EIT be fun?!

Scientific discoveries, modern developments, unusual startups – all this is cool. Especially if the school students join them. Why not make the preparation to the External Independent Testing fun and exciting? 

A unique for Ukraine Telegram chat bot which facilitates and assists in the process of preparing to the EIT was developed by Oleksandr Andriuschenko, student of CISC 10th grade.

How the idea was born, what are the specifics of the chat bot and how to use it – in a small interview with Oleksandr.

How was the idea born?

I dreamt of participating in the Junior Academy of Sciences and presenting my program design. But I also wanted for my invention to be useful, modern and interesting for my peers; and to help the students prepare for the EIT.

*Defending the project at the Junior Academy of Sciences

I was always into information sciences and the program languages. That’s why I had a good understanding of how to implement my idea rechnically. In the process of development the knowledge base I received at the information sciences lessons in CISC was of great help.

Main function of the chat bot

This product is a certain imitation of EIT that helps the students evaluate their level of preparation  at the moment. At first, you could pass the test only in math, and now – in two more disciplines, history and Ukrainian language.

Specifics of the product

The biggest advantage of the chat bot is its convenience – you can use it in the subway, during the break, during the travels or whenever you have a spare minute. You just take your phone, pass the test and see your results at once, and you don’t have to count and calculate the results yourself or carry lots of books and copybooks.

How does the chat bot work?

Nothing complicated. Upon installation the chat bot greets the user with an instruction manual. You install it and start using – you pass the test, select the answers and receive your grades.

The tests I used for the chat bot are the real tasks from the last year’s EIT.

How much time did the program development take?

The development took a great amount of time. I worked during the autumn break, on weekends, in the mornings, in the evenings and sometimes at night. I monitored numerous internet resources to improve my knowledge and fill the reserve with the new one, I passed the trainee program in D2 company where I learned to work with Corezoid platform. And, actually, it was the platform I wrote my chat bot on.

Right now my deram is to increase the knowledge base and to improve the processes constantly. All this requires a lot of time too.

How did your classmates accept your idea?

When the beta version was launched I presented it to my classmates for feedback and appraisal.It was very important for me since I wanted to take into account all requirements of a modern school student.

What’s next?

I want to extend the knowledge base to the maximum extent so that the users could take the test many times without the tasks repeating. I have the sufficient base now, but I want to extend it.

I also intend to include all the subjects that the students pass at the EIT. And the Viber version is about to be launched soon.

Link to the chat bot in Telegram

* Title photo: freepik

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