How we visited France: Research trip «Following the path of Anna Iaroslavna»

How we visited France: Research trip «Following the path of Anna Iaroslavna»

The students of CISC_Lviv participated in the project Research trip «Following the path of Anna Iaroslavna». The purpose of this project was exploring the persona of Iaroslav the Wise’s daughter, Anna, who became the queen of France, in the context of literature, art and historical facts.


For several months the children carefully studied various historical and literature sources, explored the elements of medieval way of life, and, finally, set off to France to share with French students the results of their research and the vision of Anna Iaroslavna’s role in history of two countries. They spoke about the values and priorities of XXI youth, visited historical places and learned even more interesting facts and legends about the past events.

During this trip CISC students:

✓visited Notre-Dame de Reims where the coronations of all the French monarchs took place and where Anna Iaroslavna was wed;

✓join the celebration program of Queen Anne days in France;

✓met the students of Ukrainian school in Paris;

✓presented the results of their research in French lyceum located at the Saint Vincent abbey founded in 1060;


✓had an excursion to the Latin quarter;

✓visited the Palais du Tau built in the XIII century, which is in the UNESCO List of the World Heritage Sites. It is the place where French monarchs prepared for their coronations;

✓had a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in France Mr Oleg Shamshur;


✓visited the Palace of Versailles;


✓had a boat trip on the Seine.


Anna represented her  Homeland country with dignity at those old times. And CISC students confirmed by their works that the royal spirit which Anna brought to France i1000 years ago still lives on in them.

We had a priceless experience, and now, happy, tired and filled with bright impressions, we have returned home. 😊

We thank the Heads of scientific groups for the children’s amazing works; they can’t wait for new research projects. 

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