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How we travelled through time and space. Final Weekend School block came to its end

How we travelled through time and space. Final Weekend School block came to its end

We finished the last block of studies at the Weekend School this year. We explored the nature and the new technologies, travelled to the most secret places, to the world’s deepest caves, we travelled in a time machine to the distant past, where we got acquainted with different cultures, and, most importantly, – we built the future. We worked on eco-projects, wrote books and created lots of other interesting things. Let us recall these pleasant moments!


I Saturday. Journey to the center of the Earth. 

Kyiv. We carefully studied the underground and its inhabitants. We learned where the world’s deepest caves are located, why people made pictures on their walls and what they meant. We created the sketches of our own pictures and drew them on imitations of cave walls. Photo report


Lviv. We learned about the most famous diamond mines, the most expensive precious stones and the stories of success of the famous brands; we took a peek inside a volcano and brought a small part of it home🙂 We studied the structure of the Earth by making colourful cookies consisting from the Core, the mantle and the Crust. Photo report


II Saturday. Oh brave new / old world

Kyiv. We learned about the way of life, clothes, hairstyles, entertainment and  other specifics of life in the past centuries. We made bright windmills for spring fun outside, and at robotechnics lessons we made the transport inherent to certain history periods. And we had our traditional acting techniques class. Photo report


Lviv. We tried travelling in a time machine, which took us not only to the past, but to the robotic future.

We learned about ancient writing devices and about the real master of Slavonic callirgraphy, we wrote charters.

We experimented to test how different substances react with each other and how it affects their colour, structure and scent.

Inspired by our ancestors’ architectural experience, we built our own constructions. And at robotechnics lessons we constructed animals and tested their «skills» in a race. Photo report


III Saturday. Caught in a megapolis spiderweb

Kyiv. We spoke about ecological problems people face in megapolises. The children suggested their versions of solving such problems and made a plan to improve our ecological situation. The first step is making eco-bags. We studied the concept of «ecosystem» and created one  with its inhabitants from bamboo sticks and marshmallows! 😊 Photo report


Lviv. We learned about the structure of megapolises. We learned what the hydroponics is and recreated the model of vertical gardens.

We went on a Jungle adventure – made our way through the wilderness, crossed the obstacle line and swung on vines.😊

We started working on creation of a smart city project. And we started with the financial plan, of course. Photo report


IV Saturday. Confrontation of worlds

Kyiv. How can humans adapt to the circumstances they have no power over: climate, earthquakes, tsunami waves? We tried solving this issue by making a protective construction against hurricanes and rains. We also studied modern inventions that made human life more comfortable in rough circumstances. Photo report 


Lviv. We worked on the model of eco-village. We learned about different natural phenomena and tested in practice how tsunami wave works by conducting experiments. We decorated our own eco-bags. This day showed us that being ECO-FRIENDLY is easy! Photo report


V Saturday. The world’s biggest creations

Kyiv. We drew the world’s most gigantic architectural creations; we studied the fairy-tales of the Oceania people and wrote our own. We learned everything about the atom and created its model. Photo report


Lviv. We saw what the world’s biggest amusement rides look like. We created our own, inventing some new interesting functions. 😊 We learned in which part of the planet the biggest flowers grow, and made one of such flowers by ourselves. We explored the world of volcanoes and other natural phenomena, made an informational lap-book. We worked in teams on adevertising of different products.

And, of course, we found time to make presents for our dearest moms – we baked tasty cookies. Photo report


VI Saturday. The world in miniature

Kyiv. This Saturday, we suddenly became «shrunken», and made some nice photos with gigantic pretzels! Using a microscope, we studied how the insects, bacteria, micro-organisms and plant cells look like.  And we fixed it in practice by making a sandwich shaped as model of a cell in microscopic view. Photo report


Lviv. We explored the geological secrets of Lviv, the City of Lion. We visited Regional landscape park «The Ascension», climbed up the Bald Mountain and studied the ancient inhabitants of the Dog Lake. CISC students learned about the intricacies of geological and paleonthological professions, gathered their own mini-collections and were ignited by the idea of exploring the world around them! Photo report


VII Saturday. 404/not found

Kyiv. The last Saturday was unforgettable: we said goodbye to the Weekend School and welcomed the SUMMER: we created summer landscapes in non-conventional techniques of  blotting and monotyping; we made a summer adventure map and Dream realization diary; we worked on touristic business-plan; programmed and played.

We received the certificates, gifts and books with our own fairy-tales that we wrote during the year. We had fun at the party with quests, contests and bubble disco! Photo report


Lviv. We had a trip to the hippodrome where we saw horses with different coat colours, winners of international competitions and participants of various contests. We fed them with specially prepared tasties and then could saddle them up!
We spent the second half of the day celebrating: had a BBQ-party with sausages and marshmallows, a disco, received certificates and wonder-presents to make our everyday lives more eco-friendly.


Hello, Summer, and good-bye, CISC_Weekend!

See you in autumn in the new season of Weekend School, with lots of amazing adventures ahead!

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