How we defended the wave of May

How we defended the wave of May

How we defended the last wave immersions projects in this academic year:


This May, we travelled 🌎We had a 100% immersion into the theme of «World countries’ festival»:

We got acquainted with Japanese cuisine, studied the hieroglyphs, participated in the master class on furoshiki (origami from fabric), danced Japanese traditional dances;


Studied the flora and fauna of Australia, made creative maps;

Studied the national cultural sites of the largest cities of Italy;

Studied the traditions of South Korea;

Paid a visit to the Spanish fiesta, played an extract from «Carmen» opera and made a real Spanish get-together;

Organized a Spanish-German concert😊;


Visited a travel agency where we were offered a 4D-tour;

Acted in advertisement videos;

Tried wearing traditional Scottish style;

Travelled together with Hady Lamarr – Austrian-American actress and inventor;

Now we know everything about Canada – about character and attitude of its inhabitants, its culture and economy. We were glad to have a Canadian guest at CISC, whom we asked some serious questions and received interesting and exhaustive answers;

We competed in quests with…. parents 😊

It was a nice and beneficial finale of the academic year!



In Lviv, CISC students finished the year with…. cinema festival «Today is a good day», which gathered more than 700 guests.

It was a real «sold-out» event! The Cinema hall at Dovzhenko Center in Lviv was overcrowded. The children presented 15 short movies in various genres. The parents joined the organization of the festival and greately helped with creative ideas, stage requisites, locations and costumes.   

At «Today is a good day» festivals students from grades 0-9 demonstrated to the public their movies – fantasy, sitcom, horror, heroic, black-and-white, vintage and detective, retro-movies with Charlie Chaplin-style jokes and Frank Sinatra charm… The acting, the setting and design, the operator’s work. the ideas – it was totally worth seeing!

“City lights”, Charlie Chaplin, class 2.2


“Spring”, class 3.2


“Sweet crime”, class 4.2


You can watch all the movies from the festival at our channel on YouTube


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