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The projects our junior students defended during this year

The projects our junior students defended during this year

9 important stages of our school life, 9 months of work on different projects, 9 months of 100% immersion into vital topics, 9 months of absolute creativity. 
Yes, those were the wave immersions in CISC_Kyiv junior classes. 🤗


Each month of the academic year junior CISC students study the disciplines within the framework of exploring a single topic. And we have a whole set of remarkable moments for this year:

🍁In September, we went on a trip around the world🌎
🍁In October, we learned about the culture, traditions and family values of Ukrainian people 💙💛
🍁We will remember the November for «The best and the most» topic. We explored the MOST amazing, the MOST famous, the MOST genius things, inventions and phenomena👨‍🚀
❄️And when there was only one month left before the New Year, we definitely had to study Christmas traditions 💫
❄️We started the New Year with getting to know ourselves 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
❄️February was a real feast for book lovers, i.e. for EVERYONE🙂 We studied the «Library» topic📙
☘️Wave of March was one of the most vital and responsible. CISC students studied environmental protection, grew plants and designed the cities of the future.  🌱🌿🌿
☘️In April, our students became paleontologists and immersed into the topic of evolution🦖
☘️In May, we visited festivals around the world and learned about authentic traditions of different nations💃🕺

Our creativity was limitless this year. We implemented the most daring ideas and realized that a curious mind can do the most unbelievable things!

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