That’s what a good vacation is! Our winter adventures in Kyiv and Lviv

That’s what a good vacation is! Our winter adventures in Kyiv and Lviv

How did you spend you winter vacation? Ours was the one to remember!

During our winter break we had fun, developed ourselves, explored and created the projects in CISC Theme Camps. The variety of adventures was breathtaking:

Kyiv, “Santa’s Secret Service”

The special operation has begun! We join the secret divisions – the Gift department, the Packing department and the Cooking department – and receive secret missions from Santa. Well, here goes…

The agents faced the complicated intellectual quests, creative combats in the top-secret art studio, secret gift-making missions, 3D-giftcards making, establishing the festive atmosphere at the New-Year Cinema, master-class on cooking gingerbread and on storytelling. We also performed some espionage missions aimed at developing the speed, attentiveness and agility. We created artificial snow to make the winter more magical. What a snowstorm we had!

We also explored the space wonders at the Planetarium. You should have seen how the Santa’s Secret Service had fun! The party was awesome – we danced, played and had competitions.

And there was also the espionage exam, which the children passed with great success! We have become a real team!

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Now we’re off for a new mission – to make the spring camp even more fun. Come and join us!

You can learn more about the spring project-intellectual camp “MARVEL. Super Hero Mania”.


By filing the “Secret agent profile”, the children received detective licenses and started their camp adventuresі

At the “Sherlock’s Secret Room” they built logical chains, gathered clues and evidence, and caught the candy thief. The end of the quest was so sweet and tasty.

At the “I am a Video-maker” they learned the technique of stop motion shooting and even made their own movies. At the “Detective game” brain-ring the children checked their knowledge of movies/cartoon series, and also learned the interesting facts from the life of Sherlock Holmes.

Then, we faced another challenge – something very special and expensive was stolen from the Louvre. And, of course, the brave and fearless CISC agents were engaged into the special operation. The participants passed the quest in darkness, searching for the lost artifacts: the Venus of Milo statue and the statues of Egyptian pharaohs, the “Mona Lisa”, the “Self-portrait” of Albrecht Durer, Sandro Botticelli’s “Madonna” and other famous paintings. After completing the mission, we had a virtual tour around the Louvre.

The students also had fun games with puzzle-solving. The youngest team created the little monsters and built a shack illuminated by lanterns, where they could listen to some wonderful night-time stories.

There were the Photoshop classes, Tinkercad studies, the Scientific lab where we explored the secrets of invisible ink, developed the colours and deciphered the message from the candy thief.

We found and caught all the thieves and mobsters, and had fun, at the same time obtaining the new knowledge in various fields. At the end of camp time, the agents had a pajama party with tasty cocoa and the favourite movies, in the company of real friends!

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We had an amazing winter vacation! See you this spring

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