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ECO-SMART – April wave immersion

ECO-SMART – April wave immersion

☘ We sorted the trash.
Made environmentally frinedly houses with unique features,  made with eco-friendly and reliable materials.
We grew plants and made the questionnaires for healthy nutrition. We wrote a diagnostic work and formed some new eco-friendly habits.
☘ We created an online comic book «Eco-Man saves the planet».
☘ Shot a video «21 ways to be ECO-FRIENDLY».
We created our own superheroes who combatted many issue of our planet Earth.
We grew plants in second-hand pots.
We made bird feeders together with the parents.
We made the school newspaper «Ecology couurier».
We organized eco-marathon «Week without trash».
It’s easy to guess that this wave immersion was «Eco-smart».🌎 When the nature around us begins to bloom, it inspires us even more and makes us think about the useful things we can do for this planet, so that many generations to come would enjoy its beauty
🔹The students obtain various experience during the wave immersions: practical, scientific, creative and even professional. And they also learn to cooperate, interact within a team, speak in public, defend their opinions, convince others and listen to their opinion, present themselves.
🟣 Knowledge+experience+competences = confident personality, able to find connection between different processes and phenomena, to explore this world with deep interest, to interact with others and to create own future with every passing day.

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