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Defending the November wave immersion projects

Defending the November wave immersion projects

We have defended and finished the «Magic of the word» wave immersion
we tried ourselves as journalists;
we held a debate «What is better: the book or the movie version?»;
we explored the world of fairy-tales;
we tried to become college students and passed all the exams in the form of a quest;
✅we created our own alphabet of the sign language, explored the books we have selected in the school library, wrote «The Book about Myself» and a fairy-tale about our class.
we turned into authors and writers, and created our own story «How we became a part of the CISC»
Shot a social movie about gadget addiction;
created crossword and pictorial puzzles, charades and other language-related puzzles;
analyzed names and created passports for our personal names;
immersed into the magical world of Harry Potter and the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
And now we move on! The winter wave is going to be just as exciting, and maybe even more! 💜
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