Defending the November wave

Defending the November wave

We immersed into the wave of November, explored and defended it! 

How Kyiv and Lviv presented their projects:


The topic of our last wave immersion this autumn was “THE BEST AND THE MOST”:

 CISC students learned the most interesting facts about our planet’s flora and fauna and created a virtual tour round the world;

we sailed the “CISC” ship across the oceans do different continents, and presented the record-breaking animals;

 we learned about the most famous inventions of humankind;

 organized THE MOST authentic Olympic games;

 went for a walk along the most famous streets of Kyiv;

 watched the most famous movies and determined their meaning in life;

 studied the works of the most famous philosophers and тdelivered our own philosophical speeches.

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Within the wave of November, senior grade students studied the Ukrainian language:

✔  immersed into the changes in Ukrainian spelling rules;

✔  found out “Who is on top?” in linguistic matters;

✔  participated in “Word in action” quest – by passing all the stops and performing the linguistic tasks, the children presented their verb-based videos on “The Future” topic “re-make of Onula’s music video “Countdown”);

explored the words of modern coinage used in everyday communication;

✔  illustrated the folk sayings and proverbs, defined the bright images, metaphors, symbols and their meaning. 

The project was on the verge between the language and the art, and this way we finish our linguistic wave and pass on further to the art wave.

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