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Defending the projects in junior school. Wave immersions in December 2020

Defending the projects in junior school. Wave immersions in December 2020

Wave immersions, wave diving, waves, wave projects… – these are the different names we like to use for our most favourite educational approach in CISC junior school. By the way, both the kids and the parents love it.

How is the approach implemented?
For a whole month, junior grades in all schools of CISC network explore a single set topic. For example, during this December we studied  “Art”. «Ehhm… How can we explore art through math?», – some may wonder.
And what would you say if you had to count art museums in the whole world or a single country at a math lesson, learn the number of artworks in each museum and calculate the average amount per each museum or per each square meter? And would you like to create a strategy for opening an art gallery at a financial literacy lesson? 👏

We certainly agree that it takes a lot of creativity, professionalism and good planning in order to integrate all disciplines within a single topic.

We have explored the topic. And then what?
And then we present it! And that’s where the flight of fancy may reach for the stars.🚀 For instance, within the previous winter month many festive performances were staged in CISC schools: «New Year with Disney», «Where has the art gone», «New-Year detective story». We arranged live broadcasts from different countries, to hear about their New Year traditions.

We also held a charity fair where we presented our handmade items, and reproduced the «Grinch» fairytale on canvas,  made a shadow play «Once upon a time on Christmas Eve», and got really creative at our creative workshop. And we shot a video performance which we’re going to show you pretty soon!

It used to be our tradition to invite the parents and grandparents  to the project defenses, so they could support and cheer their young explorers. That’s why each wave in CISC was like a holiday. This year we bravely adapted to the new reality, and now we hope to hear the loud applause of our audience at the 2021 project defenses.

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