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Defending the September waves

Defending the September waves

We congratulate the CISC_students on defending the September waves!

Wave immersions in primary school are one of the main teaching methods in CISC. During one month the students study the subjects within a single topic. For example, this September the students in CISC Kyiv expolred the “Bon Voyage” topic, while the topic of Lviv wave immersion was “Am I a Ukrainian?”. How it all happened:


During the whole month CISC students travelled and explored the world. And at the defending, they revealed and visualized a lot of interesting facts for the guests.

Little CISC students created a play about the first round-the-world journey of Fernand Magellan, travelled together with Australian sailor and adventurer Jessica Watson, discovered the mysteries of the Seven Wonders of the World and two Wonders of Ukraine, set off to a space voyage and a virtual tour across the Solar system, drew the maps of Marco Polo travels and even sailed a real yacht! We are absolutely sure that the kids will remember the journeys for their whole lives!

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Throughout September the studenta prepared a comprehensive answer to the question “Am I a Ukrainian?”:

✔ The fourth-grade students reproduced the ancient Ukrainian traditions “Naum” and “The Wedding”, and reminded the guests of the centuries-old customs and beliefs of our people.
✔ The first-grade students showed and played the folk games “Crane”, “Mousetrap” and “Gate”.
✔ The second-grade students reproduced the history of Ukraine through folk dance.
✔ The third-grade students introduced the guests into traditional Ukrainian cuisine. And after defending the wave they treated everyone with Ukrainian borsch.

Well, this September wave was vigorous. We expect the favourable wind of knowledge to fill our sails next month. And we are ready to explore the new topic!

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