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Defending the October wave immersion projects

Defending the October wave immersion projects

This October, we defended the «Ukraine» 💙💛 wave immersion projects.

That’s why the CISC schools became bright and colourful, in the best Ukrainian traditions.

Samchukivka and Petrykivka painting styles, imitation of the cossacks’ adventures, immersion into Ukrainian traditions, making the map of Ukraine, colourful presentations about peculiarities of different Ukrainian regions, national costumes and cuisine. We had a virtual tour over our ancestors’ houses, and then presented interesting stories to the audience. We also learned about Ukrainian castles and fortresses, made a 3D miniature fortress, created a cossack boat called «Chaika» (the Seagull).


We explored the variety of flora and fauna, mineral resources, the terrain and the wildlife reserve parks in all regions of Ukraine. we created our own country, the Wolfland: presented the country development roadmap, guidelines for activities of all the ministries, and even created the currency, the national emblem, the flag and the anthem of our counrty! And we also made the «Books of our ancestral lines», “motanka” doll «The Herb Healer» to guard our homes against diseases, performed the fairy-tale play «The Little Round Bun’s new adventures» in our own manner.


We also studied the election system in Ukraine. First, there was the presentation of electoral programs. The deputies did their best to make their programs really applicable in the future.  After presentation of their mottos, emblems, name of the party and the programs, each party received the funds for deposits necessary to run a candidate for presidential election. The election was held in a week, with voting turnout almost of 100%, and the children had an chance to feel as real voters and to make their choice for the one candidate they think is worthy of the office. Everything was honest and transparent, because we had election observers carefully guarding the order at the polling station.  Each voter confirmed his/her presence with a signature, received a ballot and then voted in a voting booth. Besides that, we learned  why the counterfoils on ballots are detached, how much time it takes to count the votes, and what happens at a polling station while no unauthorized persons can watch.


It makes us so happy that our students love their country and see it beautiful!🤗

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