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Finishing the «Magnificent secrets of the prehistoric times» block in CISC_Weekend

Finishing the «Magnificent secrets of the prehistoric times» block in CISC_Weekend

One more block of CISC Weekend School came to its final point! During the last eight weeks, we transformed into historians, geologists and anthropologists and studied the magnificent secrets of the prehistoric times!

Let’s recollect the hallmark moments of the last two months:

CISC students in Lviv travelled on a time machine into the distant past, participated in an excavation and learned about the dinosaurs, trilobites and the first microorganisms on Earth.  As a souvenir of the past, the children created their own fossils with dinosaur footprints, shells, mollusks and plants.

And in Kyiv, within the «I am an Artist» transformation, the children worked in teams on the joint project «The Ichtyosaurus» and created a real underwater giant!

At their favourite robotechnic studies, the children learned new programming commands and created their own game about the dinosaurs.

We also learned the exciting facts and the theories of evolution on our planet.

CISC students from Lviv visited the Museum of Natural history and the exhibitions on the art of survival.

Afterwards, Lviv students travelled in a time machine at the STEAM-laboratory and learned how the first wheel invented by the humankind looked like, found out how the modern money now used all over the world appeared.

As always, we finished the block with a great party in Kyiv and Lviv!

Our next block will be even more impressive, since we will face the «World under the microscope»! We will learn some interesting information about the world cultures, the structure of our bodies, and will go on a virtual tour over Europe. Our first classes will start on January 11, and you can register here:



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