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Completion of the first Weekend School theme block in Kyiv and Lviv

Completion of the first Weekend School theme block in Kyiv and Lviv

The First theme block of the new season in CISC_Weekend, Kyiv  

In CISC_Weekend, Kyiv, the autumn theme block “The Giants of Architecture” has been completed. The last six Saturdays were filled with adventures, research, team games, sports, interesting projects and discoveries.

Each Saturday gave our talented participants some new experience, bright emotions, new friends and unbelievable adventures:

✔ 1 Saturday – we explored the mysterious Megaliths, went on a virtual adventure to the Easter Island, created a cartoon. Photo report

✔ 2 Saturday – we hunted the artifacts for a museum, visited the greatest museums of the world, created unusual museum exhibits and our own book. Photo report

✔ 3 Saturday – we discovered the extraordinary masterpieces of modern art – installations, art objects, accessories, textile, as well as other works made in various techniques. And we also created our own object of art. Photo report

✔ 4 Saturday – via quest “The amazing adventures in Transylvania” we learned the  legends hidden behind the walls of world-famous fortresses. Photo report

✔ 5 Saturday – we got to know the extraordinary modern architecture, the amazing engineering and robotic projects. Photo report

✔ 6 Saturday – we used our imagination to generate and create the project of the City of Tomorrow,and presented to our parents the projects on which we worked during the block. Photo report

It was awesome! As of November 3, a new page is turned, the new block and new unforgettable experience. Would you come with us? 😊

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The First theme block of the new season in CISC_Weekend, Lviv

In CISC_Weekend, Lviv, the autumn theme block “The Science Season in CISC_Weekend” has been completed. The Saturdays were filled with adventures, excursions, researches, master-classes, team games, sports and new knowledge.

Let’s have a flashback of the last five Saturdays spent by CISC students:

✔ 1 Saturday – the children went on the scientific-research excursion to the bee farm – they learned everything about the bee-keepers’ profession, on the origin of honey, and whether the bees lived at the times of the dinosaurs. Photo report

✔ 2 Saturday – soap-making, experiments, LEGO-construction, deciphering the puzzles and cryptograms, master-class on candle-making. Photo report

✔ 3 Saturday – solving the forest mysteries – the children created their own 3D models of forest animals, learned about millenia-old forests and made herbariums. And they also cooked trifle and learned the ways to ckeck the authenticity of honey. Photo report

✔ 4 Saturday – for the first time in Lviv – WildCraft – real game in real time. The children passed all forest challenges – from making a bow to starting up a fire; found the resources for the team’s survival; skillfully camouflages their headquarters from woodkerns; received the WildCraft Cup. Photo report

✔ 5 Saturday – cossack games, cooking tournament, art-masterpieces, Pumpkin party, candy fair. Photo report

These memories and experience will last for a lifetime. And now we shall meet new challenges. Come join our mega-interesting adventures in the block starting November 3!

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