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And cut! Video of scientific experiments conducted by CISC researchers

And cut! Video of scientific experiments conducted by CISC researchers

«Science never was and never wil be a complete book», Albert Einstein

Together with CISC students we tried to convey the idea to our viewers that science is exciting, impressive and very useful. We finally came up with a sort of mini-series. You can watch this season here ⬇️

1.We are making a water flag💙💛



2.We will try to make two bubbles be friends through a chemical experiment 



3. Can we pour the water into another container without turning the current container over? Who knows…



4. Can we raise an egg from the bottom of the container without touching it? Let’s see…



5. Can we create a line of Christmas lights all by ourselves? Sure we can!💫



6. How to glue objects together without glue



7. We create a lava lamp using the secrets of physics



8. How to construct a vacuum cleaner with your own hands, demonstrated by… delicate girl Marichka



9. Let’s make a «Chemical chameleon» together



10. How can we paint a paper flower using «chemical» secrets🌸



11. How do Christmas tree decorations gain silver covering?



12. Multicoloured chromium compounds 🌈



To be continued…

To see the new episodes, please sign up to our YouTube  channel by pressing the little bell sign 🙂

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