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Autumn day camp PowerLand in Kiev

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Практика у різних сферах діяльності
Спілкування із однолітками
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What parents think

Natalia Luchko

Angelina's mother, 7 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
Natalia Luchko, Angelina's mother, 7 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
The child is delighted with the winter camp "Ho-Ho Production.”
Everyday fun entertainment, competitions, crafts, dances. Responsible, kind tutors, able to captivate children. We will be back again.
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Shahinoglu Olya

mother of Alice and Mila, 7 and 9 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
Very nice and friendly atmosphere. I want to come to you again and again. It is even a pity that the camp ended so quickly.
We will wait for the next one, thank you.
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Schutska Julia

mother Vladislava, 6 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
Our child is camping with CISC for the second year. And we are very grateful to the whole team for unforgettable days. Very interesting, fun, creative. Thanks to cool teachers and non-standard approaches, it is impossible to take a child home. A sea of impressions, knowledge, and adventures. One fascination with this space. Now we are waiting for the next vacation. Thank you !!!
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Kobets Maria

mother of Margarita, 7 years old, Kyiv
Thank you for the varied leisure of our children. Kids are excited; we will sure to visit again!
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Kateryna Butsko-Biletska

mother of Nikita and Lesya, 13 and 8 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
Very grateful for the camp, the mood, and the happy children. It is very difficult to pick up the children; they wanted "a little more" to stay.
We gathered early in the morning (despite the holidays and the theoretical possibility of sleeping longer), quickly and the option of "not to go" was not even considered. Thank you for your creativity, hospitality, many impressions. We wish you development, further success, and maximum growth.
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Gerula Ivanna

Gerula Ivanna mother of Yuri, 6 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
Thank you for your imagination at the autumn camp. We liked everything. Yuri came every day impressed, happy, satisfied, looking forward to the next day in the camp. Everything was very cool!
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Makarenko Rostyslav

father of Taisiya, 6 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
CISC’s summer camp is exciting for my child. She gladly gets up in the morning to catch up on the morning exercise. And it was still impossible to pick it up before 19:00. I am delighted. My child is under the care, fed, and has a great time. And the joint project — a cave with prehistoric people — is just great. I hope that my daughter will not force me to do the same with her at home, I’m not sure I can handle it :-)))))
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Olga Sverchkova

mother of Yegor, 9 years old, Kyiv (Camps)
The child is delighted. I like everything. For the first time, the child runs to class and asks not to pick it up earlier. Thank you very much for the atmosphere, mood, and approach.
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Oliynyk Kateryna

mother of Yarema, Lviv (Camps)
My child liked it. Impressions are great, and we wanted more. On the last day, we thought we wouldn’t come because we were a little sick. But the desire to be with you won. All night Yaremi dreamed of a party, and it would be the biggest disappointment not to get to it. Thank you very much! Everything is great!
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Zozulya Iryna

mother of Sofia, Lviv (Camps)
10+ out of ten!
Everything is super cool!
Sofia did not want to go home! Thank you, Julia! See you, CISC!
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Klymenko Tetyana

mother of Volodymyr Komakh, 7 years old, Kyiv
The child liked the play activities and the process of preparation for the final party, when every day its element was prepared.
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Abramova Olena

mother of Egor, 7 years old, Kyiv
The child is delighted with the time spent at the CISC. The holidays were creative, fun, in a good mood. We wish you success and look forward to further meetings
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What children and parents say
Camp organizers
Альона Плис
Керівниця проекту "КМДШ Табори" та "Школа вихідного дня".
Протягом проведеного часу у таборі ми вчитимемося брати відповідальність за свої рішення, візуалізовувати свою мету, визначати пріоритети, а також працювати у команді.
Людмила Штенфельд
Менеджер проекту "КМДШ Табори" та "Школа вихідного дня".
У нашому таборі діти зможуть знайти нових друзів, спробувати себе у різних видах діяльності та розвинути свою креативність.
Where is the camp located?
School at Dnieper embankment street, 14L
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School at Golosiivska street,13G
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Подаруйте дитині цікаві й веселі канікули у осінньому таборі
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