CISC Wekend – Weekend School.


The studies are conducted in the form of courses integrated from several disciplines (transfigurations). The studies take place weekly – every Saturday, for a full day.

Children study in different age groups (+/- 2-3 years), in groups of 10-15 students.

The academic year last for 9 months. The programme provides different levels of complexity, and is designed for a gradual passing from one stage to another with every following year.

Since every next transfiguration (lesson) is not directly based on the previous one and constitutes a complete topic, you can join the studies any time within the year.

Every month has a particular thematical direction and results in the projects chosen, performed and presented by each group (team).


  • obtaining various practical experience in different types of activities;
  • harmonious development of a child (creative, physical, humanitarian, natural-technical);
  • revelation of a child’s talents / aptitudes / interests.
  • socialization, exciting communication among peers.

Age group: 

5-12 years


weekly (on Saturdays), full day

Tuition fee: 

Price of the full day – UAH 900.
Price of the full day with montly subscription (4 Saturdays) – UAH 800.


full-ration lunch and quick fruit-meals, which are covered by the tuition fee.

For details and admission, please contact: 

+38(097) 147 36 83

[email protected]