CISC Wekend – Weekend School.


The studies are conducted in the form of courses integrated from several disciplines (transfigurations). The studies take place weekly – every Saturday, for a full day.

Children study in different age groups (+/- 2-3 years), in groups of 10-15 students.

The academic year last for 9 months. The programme provides different levels of complexity, and is designed for a gradual passing from one stage to another with every following year.

Since every next transfiguration (lesson) is not directly based on the previous one and constitutes a complete topic, you can join the studies any time within the year.

Every month has a particular thematical direction and results in the projects chosen, performed and presented by each group (team).


  • obtaining various practical experience in different types of activities;
  • harmonious development of a child (creative, physical, humanitarian, natural-technical);
  • revelation of a child’s talents / aptitudes / interests.
  • socialization, exciting communication among peers.

Age group: 

5-12 years


weekly (on Saturdays), full day

Tuition fee: 

UAH 600 / one Saturday



full-ration lunch and quick fruit-meals, which are covered by the tuition fee.

For details and admission, please contact: 

0800 330 810

[email protected]



«I am a Personality» for children of 6-8 years old INTEGRATED COURSE OF ACTING TECHNIQUE, RHETHORIC, LOGIC AND PSYCHOLOGY   THE PURPOSE OF THIS COURSE is improving the cultutre of communication among children by forming declamatory skills as a means of efficient communication with peers and adults.   EACH LESSON IS DIVIDED INTO 4 PARTS: Self-expression: game […]


INTEGRATED COURSE OF VISUAL AND FIGURATIVE ARTS, HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY. “I am an Artist” course is an exciting way to learn the history of world arts in theory and practice. Each lessons consists of two blocks. Within the first block the children, in a comprehensible manner, learn from a teacher-artist about the amazing world of […]


The basis of this course is LEGO ® Education – an innovation in educational sphere allowing the students through the use of special construction kits and programms to acquire and implement in practice the knowledge in physics, mathematics, technoogy, computer and information science, to enjoy studying robotechnics and programming, to get acquianted with basic ecology. […]


INTEGRATED PRACTICAL COURSE ON BASIC: FINANCE, ECONOMY, MATHEMATICS, ECONOMIC THEORY, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY, TIME MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS ETIQUETTE, THE ECONOMY OF UKRAINE, MERCHANDISING.   The aim of the course: –         development of the children’s general outlook from the perspective of modern business relity; –        maximum involvement of children into […]


This course is a series of exciting exploration practical lessons on physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, geography, geology, paleonthology, astronomy, ecology, healthcare.  The topic of each day is regarded from the perspective of 2-3 disciplines, more rarely – from one. The aim of this course is:  – to provide understanding of the main objective laws of the wildlife; […]


CONCEPT OF THE COURSE: Each lessons starts with a puzzle that needs solving. Finding solution may take place both individually and in groups. The questions raised are diverse and require information from various fields of knowledge (hystory, culturology, psychology, sociology, mathematics, physics, literature, mythology, art studies, archeology, architecture, geography etc). The priority task is mastering the […]