is a form of obtaining general secondary education that envisages independent as well as accelerated mastering of educational subjects of a certain educational level and/or of a certain grade, to the extents determined by the State standards of general secondary education, and obtaining of respective educational certificate.


  • annual assessment of educaitonal achievements (oral enquiry, review works and testing, project works etc.) and/or final State academic assessment;
  • advise and support of teachers and psychologist (individual, according to a Contract);
  • possibility of participating in the School’s educational events (integrated studies, projects, additional educationa / spots classes, or performing experimantal / practical works;
  • possibility of using school books, text and work books (including those uniqely developed by CISC);
  • possibility of participating in External Independent Testing on the usual terms.

Externship is organized for the following persons, who:

  1. by any valid reasons (health condition, resising abroad (for the citizens of Ukraine), residing on temporarily occupied territories or within the territory of the anti-terrorost operation, or at residential localities at the line of military clashes, within the zone of extaordinary natural or technogenic phenomena, armed conflicts etc.) are not able to attend the classes in a general educational institution, or are not able to pass the annual academic assessment.
  2. have not completed the education in a general educational institution, or are the graduates of general educational institutions of the past years without the results of annual academic assessment on certain subjects and/or have not passed the assessment.
  3. are citizens of Ukraine studying or having completed studies abroad.
  4. are foreigners, persons without cirizenship, permanently or temporarily residing in Ukraine, including refugees, persons granted a temporary additional protection and asylum in Ukraine, or persons who applied for being recognized as a refugee or seeking asylum or additional protection.
  5. have mastered, in an accelerated manner, the educational subjects of one or more gtrades/ educational levels.

Obtaining of general secondary education according to the external form of education is not limited by age.

Upon admission, an individual educational plan and the schedule of counselling on educational subjects is drafted for every student.

According to the results of annual evaluation and externship assessment, a student’s academic transcript is issued and/or the certificate of complete general secondary education.


Admission procedure:

  • passing of entry test;
  • written application from the parents / legal representatives / student of majority age;
  • signing of the contract.

Necessary documents:

  • a document confirming the existing level of general secondary education, or any other written confirmation of academic evaluation/assessment in another education institution (if any) and/or respective documents confirming the grounds for passing of annual academic evaluation/assessment in external form.
  • foreign citizens or persons without citizenship must also submit a copy of document confirming the legitimacy of their residence in Ukraine.

We are open for applications starting from: SEPTEMBER 2017

For information and registration, please contact:+38 (096) 883 40 27