International experience. What we discussed with our guest, Headmaster of one of the best schools in Latvia

International experience. What we discussed with our guest, Headmaster of one of the best schools in Latvia

This spring Lidia Fisunova, CISC junior school teacher, paid a visit to Laurenču School in Latvia. Since then, our friendship with that amazing educational establishment has begun. We are glad to welcome in Kyiv Kristaps Zalais, the youngest school Headmaster in Latvia, who gives inspiration to all the educators in his country. And he inspired us as well!

Some interesting facts about Laurenču School:

  • before Christmas, all inhabitants of the school bake gingerbread in the school kitchen;
  • the state, the students and the parents are a single team where each participant is important and plays his role responsibly;
  • even the walls remind the students about school values;
  • a teacher may present the students acorns or chestnuts for good job at the lessons. And if a class collects 300 of those, they are sure to be invited to a tea party with the Headmaster 😊;
  • the students’ community, i.e. the Parliament, may suggest challenging ideas of implementing certain new features into the school life ;
  • students, teachers and parents can just go on a picnic and have a great time;
  • everyone supports each other on the way to achieving their goals. For instance, the students of Laurenču School have a special journal where they indicate their main goals for the current semester: educational; personal; social. And they don’t just go alone on the way to achieving the set goals, but with personal support from the teachers and the parents.

Kristaps Zalais about CISC:

«The name of the School totally correspond to its essence. Every step of the way you can see that it is a Creative International School for children. The interior design, the classrooms, various bright corners, zones for creativity and games – all this evidences the amazing creativity and care for the students. I am absolutely sure that the children like it here, they are content and spend their time with joy, and it seems to me they are sometimes even reluctant to go home. It is very interesting here!

I think that the variety of lessons, the interiors, the equipment of the school and the creative details stimulate personal development, and that each student can choose what interests him/her the most –  whether it’s music, finance or history.

I like it very much that there is no stereotype here that the math must be studied only at the lessons of mathematics, or that it’s only about numbers. I have a very good impression of this School, every school day here is full of exciting activities, and that’s cool.»

We were really glad to have a real professional as our guest, the HEadmaster of the School that is very similar to ours with its values. We are happy to have like-minded people in different corners of the world. Hours of discussions on important and global things, new ideas and plans for the future. Thank you for such warm and fruitful visit. We look forward to meeting you next time!



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