3D model of a house, Fitzroy barometer. Final projects of the Science club and studies

3D model of a house, Fitzroy barometer. Final projects of the Science club and studies

Science clubs and studies on various subjects act on permanent basis in CISC. Chose the one to your liking and start conquering new scientific horizons.

At the classes, the students explore objects and scientific phenomena, analyze the results, make conclusions and fix the knowledge through practice by implementing their ideas.

Can just any school students boast of being a member of a real science club ? 😊

During the month of May, the students defended their projects, and they have indeed astonished us:

  • They developed applications for smartphones, created websites, developed games. By the way, you don’t need paper and pencil to play tictactoe now, since CISC_Kyiv student made this game electronic via Python programming language.
  • And now all Ukrainian senior students can use the chat bot that helps prepare to the EIT. Our tenth-grade student worked on this project  and presented it at the Junior Academy of Sciences.
  • We created a 3D model of a house and game randomizer.

We became sure that the future lies in the information technologies. A very useful and interesting future.  

  • We studied the quality of food products: evaluated the content of vitamins in fruits and vegetables; suggested ideas for preserving the outer appearance of apples.
  • We found out that perfumes may contain certain elements some people are allergic to. A tenth-grade student from Kyiv studied why her chemistry teacher is allergic to some types of perfumes. 😊
  • We also engaged in book publishing: we created the Guidebook titled «the Graphs» inspired by the visit of Rob Mathers, Head of the Mathematics Department at CATS College-Cambridge, together with whom we created the algorithms and solved the problems from the theory of graphs.
  • We recreated the model of storm glass (the Fitzroy barometer) actively used by the sailors in the past.

  • We made the Gauss gun and demonstrated its principles of work.
  • We explored the undergrounds of Paris through a 3D model hand-made by us.

  • We made a model of a solar clock.
  • Recreated the model of Galton board applied for visual demonstration of the Central limit theorem.

  • We immersed into the art of literature: we concluded the paragon of female beauty from the works of G.Kvitka-Osnovianenko, compared the beauty and ugliness as E.T.Hoffmann understood them.
  • Senior students demonstrated their conscious concern for Ukraine in their projects: they worked on ides of making Ukraine more attractive for tourists; analyzed the world’s largest airports and the perspectives of Boryspil airport development!

Wonderful projects, vitally important issues, creative ways of realization. We wish our students even more scientific discoveries and inventions!

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