Advanced studies

The school has permanent scientific clubs which each child selects based on his/her likes and preferences.

At such advanced classes the students conduct their own research of a certain object or a scientific phenomenon from different points of view, applying methods from different sciences, analyzing the results and formulating their own conclusions. CISC also hosts some inter-school tournaments and contests in different disciplines.

Scientific curiosity

Through Science clubs children learn how to formulate questions and search for answers, to hypothesize and search for data confirming or refuting their assumptions. That way we sustain a child’s interest and wish to explore the world around.

With the purpose of implementing such projects, in most cases, survey and research technologies are used. After finalizing the project each group presents and defends it.

Development of skills

Participation in Science clubs allows the children to try their skills in different fields of science, thus helping children to better understand their interest and reveal their potential. Advanced studies also help develop the the skills in research, solution finding, team work as well as persistence in obtaining results.