Individual approach

We adhere to individual approach towards every child with respect to his/her personal needs, wishes, skills and rhythm of studies. It is vitally important for us to carry a constant dialogue both with children and parents focusing on the curriculum along with child`s personal development.

Efficient studying

We expand the children’s knowledge taking into account their daily rhythm, involving all spheres of development and uniting the methods of presenting educational content so that a child would find it more interesting. Individual itinerary of a child’s development provides that the teacher adapts the educational content to the speed of its mastering by every child.

Development of creative and critical thinking allows a child to explore this world with joy and excitement, to experiment and invent, to create new projects, to develop his or her potential more harmoniously. Dynamic sports intervals provide the necessary physical development, allowing a child to use the energy at the fullest extent instead of suppressing it while sitting the whole lesson through. Such changes of activity stimulate better concentration of attention and bring balance into school curriculum.

Development of personal skills

During the process of education our teachers carefully observe the students, marking their personal preferences, wishes and skills. And with the purpose of further development and discovering the student’s potential, the teachers may suggest participating in certain advanced studies, or select individual tasks which correspond to the student’s rhythm of studies and interest in the subject.