Wave immersions

In CISC we apply thematical waves to organize the educational process for a more comprehensive perception of a particular topic. This allows to vary the types and forms of the students’ activities while sticking to the selected topic. Each wave lasts for a month, during which all subjects are united by a cross-cutting topic: “I am a Designer”, “I am a Volunteer”, “I am an Enterpreneur”, “Ecology” etc.

Holistic view of the world

Within a single wave we pay attention to the monthly topic at the lessons on different disciplines. Such method helps demonstrate how one phenomenon or event is regarded by different sciences or fields of knowledge, and allows the students to form a more holistic view of the world where all sciences and phenomena are interrelated.

Project tasks

Regular change of topics allows us to diversify the process of education, to keep up the students’ interest and to set some exciting practical tasks. Within the wave the children prepare, perform and present thematical projects, for example, sewing cushions-houses for animals during the “I am a Volunteer” wave, or creating of a mural picture on a school wall within the “I am a Designer” wave etc.

Getting acquainted with the leading experts in different fields

With the purpose of more advanced study of the wave topic, we invite experts, scientists and practitioners with special training programmes and lectures on modern tendencies related to such topic. At such lectures the students can see the interrelation of the knowledge they receive in school with real and practical activities.