Teenage Club CISC SmartHub  – practical studies and team collaboration for active people from 12 to 17 years old! 



Dear teenagers, SmartHUB is your own territory, where you can turn your IDEAS into reality!

Our trainers, who are successful in life, will help every child in obtaining useful skills and achieving actual results!

Annual programme consists of 3 modules, each lasting for 2-2,5 months: 

communication (development of self-presentation skills, efficient teamwork, self-conception, understanding of own advantages and disadvantages, ability to be responsible and to delegate functions/authorities etc.);

business project (teenagers create their own real StаrtUp, coming through all necessary stages from a business idea, business planning, finding funds/sponsor, distributing the roles in the team, calculation of the budget to implementation, presentation and promotion of the project);

social project – ecological projects, charity and volunteering for elderly/sick/socially unprotected people, for animals etc.

The programme focuses on: obtaining practical skills necessary for young entrepreneurs, development of “entrepreneurial” thinking and ability to work in a team.
The mode of meetings: specialized/role/ team games, discussion of cases, coaching, analysis of the activities performed, communication among peers etc.

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Age group: 

12-17 years


weekly (on Sundays), full day


full-ration lunch and quick fruit-meals, which are covered by the tuition fee.

For details and admission, please contact: 

+38 (097) 022 57 86

[email protected]