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Weekend school

Weekend school in Kyiv

What is CISC Weekend?

These are additional Saturday classes for students from other schools.

In CISC Weekend, the children comprehensively develop and improve socialization skills.
Children 5-12 years old will like it
You can join from September to May
Held every Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00
Provide a full lunch and fruits
How is education going?
Classes are held in the form of integrated courses (transformations) in various disciplines. Children are engaged in different age groups (+/- 2-3 years) for 10-15 people each. Each month has a thematic focus and ends with projects selected and presented by each of the groups (teams)
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What will the child get

Practice in various fields
Communication with peers
Harmonious development
Talents disclosure

The cost of classes

The price includes lunch and fruit snacks
Trial lesson
to make sure that your child will like this format
750 ₴
One lesson
1100 ₴
Most parents choose
save  ₴
Gift certificate
Make children, family, and friends happy with a useful gift. Book a call and managers will tell you about the details of the purchase
What parents think

Олена Чабак

мама Полі, 10 років, Київ
Вже другий рік донька відвідує Школу вихідного дня у КМДШ. Це була любов з першого заняття. Що вражає: відкритість і професійність тьюторів, правильна українська мова, цікава та оригінальна подача матеріалу на кожному занятті. Весь день у школі присвячено заздалегідь визначеній тематиці, наприклад: космосу чи мистецтву, мандрам або науковим відкриттям. Діти експериментують, досліджують і опановують новий матеріал. Ще доньці подобається їжа в їдальні. Рекомендую Школу вихідного дня усім батькам, які прагнуть розширити світогляд своєї дитини❤️
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мама Єви, 7 років
З 11 до 17  моя дитина зайнята на активних, інтелектуальних, творчих та натхненних курсах у передовій та сучасній українській школі. При кожній нагоді, ми відвозимо Єву у КМДШ у суботу, адже що може бути краще за час, проведений з користю для дітей!
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Sannikova Kristina

mother of Damir, 6.5 years old (Weekend school)
Thank you, CISC_Weekend, for exciting and fun Saturdays, bright emotions, and unforgettable feelings. Thanks to the teachers, their training, approach to children — the kids have gained knowledge, and are happy to hurry to school every Saturday. We wish you inspiration and positivity. You are the best!
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Litvinenko Anastasia

mother of Alice, 6 years old, Kyiv (Weekend school)
Every Saturday, the child gets up earlier than everyone else, collects his things, gets dressed, and waits for a trip to school, which is very important for me. Exciting topics are considered in an unusual form, which helps to remember the material better.
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Dyakonova Polina

mother of Volodymyr, 4 years old, Kyiv (Weekend school)
We are delighted that we have the opportunity to attend the Weekend School. The child is looking forward to Saturday!
Thank you!
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Ivaniv Bohdan and Alisa

mother and father of Violetta, 5 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Our daughter enjoyed spending time at Saturday school; after she had many impressions and knowledge. New friends and attentive teachers and much more new ahead.
Everything is done for people and little residents of Lviv :)))
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Andriy Minchev

father of Matvii, 5 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
I liked involving children in creativity and creating a variety of creative objects. The most important thing is that the child is looking forward to Saturday to go to school and gets a lot of pleasure from it and is charged with positive energy. Thank you.
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Yaryna Romanyshyn

mother of Olena, 9 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Thank you for the quality work, the main criterion is the good mood of my daughter and the great desire to go to the next class, which I see in her.
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Chaus Kateryna

mother of Mykhailo, 7 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Every week we look forward to Saturday because of CISC!!!)))))
We run to classes happily, because it's so fun and interesting. Thank you for a happy stay at your school)
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Byshevsky Bohdan

father of Bohdan, 9 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Every time the child returns from CISC, satisfied, cheerful, energetic. Every time he learns something new. Teachers give confidence to the child. Very grateful to CISC. The child perceives going to school as entertainment, and it is a great way to spend Saturday with benefit and fun.
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Odukha Khrystyna

mother of Denys, 7 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Great ideas, different every time! Keep making us happy :-)
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Sych Lydia

mother of Maryana, 11 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Both my daughter and I liked it. The child is looking forward to Saturday because she goes to CISC. I take home the inspired and satisfied child. I am happy with the approach to learning. The food is excellent.
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Hnatkivska Halyna

mother of Marichka, 7 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Marichka loves CISC very much. She even promised that she would never miss it. Every Saturday is a new topic, and in fact, it lasts for a whole week! For example, they watched Harry Potter movies, read Alice in Wonderland, conjured or painted unicorns, and then made CISC cocktails at home. Thank you for your creativity, hard work, and enthusiasm for your work.
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Nikitina Olena

mother Artema, 5 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
Thank you for the pleasant atmosphere that allows children to develop in various ways, to know themselves and the world around them. Artem is looking forward to every lesson!!!
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Jura Petro

father of Ivanka and Andriy, 7 and 9 years old, Lviv (Weekend school)
A wonderful children's school on the weekend, where every child in the circle of their peers can show their creative abilities, discover new ones. A real "creative workshop.”
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What children and parents say

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