As a whole friendly team, we participated in the global flashmob #WorldReadAloudDay – the Day of Reading Aloud.

📚The window sills, the desks, the floors, the library – all the creative spaces were filled with children and their favourite books. They read in teams, in pairs and on their own, students to teachers and teachers to students.

International Read Aloud Day takes places for the last 11 years in different countries.The participants select a book to their liking, find an interested audience and simply read aloud. People from more than 173 countries participated in the initiative!

📍Reading aloud is very beneficial since it stimulates development of the brain, expands your vocabulary, fosters the concentration and better assimilation of information.

By the way, reading aloud with your family is a very nice tradition, and it’s never too late to start. So, we wish you a cozy family evening with an interesting book.   💗

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