CISC in Spain. How we shared experience with our foreign colleauges

CISC in Spain. How we shared experience with our foreign colleauges

Once again we had a chance to confirm that CISC experience is important within the international educational arena. This time, in Spain.

We shared the experience with the teaching staff  and the students of Ukrainian  Saturday School «Leader» in the city of Murcia, Spain. Our wonderful CISC ambassador, Ms Lidia Fisunova, went to that warm country on a very important mission.

«It is vitally important for Ukrainians who moved to Spain to obtain Ukrainian education, profound and with high quality, even while being thousands of kilometers away. This is so cool! I am happy to share CISC experience and to inspire our foreign colleagues for new achievements.»

Ms Lidia’s educational expedition started with meeting School Headmaster Ms Tetiana Avramidi and President of the Association of Ukrainians in Murcia Ms  Larysa Ponomarenko. Together they discussed the educational difficulties that Ukrainian diaspora in Spain faces, searched for the ways of solving such problems and improving the educational situation, and the following day they went on with the practical implementation.

Meeting with the teaching staff and more than five master classes by Ms Lidia inspired the teachers and provided practical cases for further application in practice.  They discussed modern methods and teaching techniques, talked about the importance of developing the emotional intellect, and paid a particular attention to the integration and the wave immersion method, examined the teaching experience in CISC. The meeting was extremely interesting since no one even noticed that it lasted till very late in the evening. 😊

And the next day there were several integrated lessons by Ms Lidia in 3,4,10 and 11 grades.

We thank for the great opportunity of sharing our practical experience. We are filled with feelings of happiness and responsibility, since CISC means love not only within Ukraine but abroad as well! We look forward to meeting our colleagues in CISC!

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