Creative International School for Children is the School that teaches you to think creatively, critically, independently and freely; cope with complex tasks; bear responsibility for your own decisions and to be ready for the challenges of the modern world after school graduation.

CISC is a licensed full-day private school of a new type with advanced studies of English.

The aim of our School is creating a unique educational environment for every child, studying in which would be interesting and comfortable, and where a child would be able to develop creative skills, intercommunicate and easily find his or her own place in a group. Our main task is teaching a child how to think, contemplate and analyze information, instead of simply absorbing it by memorizing dull or even incomprehensible things.

We adhere to individual approach towards every child, with understanding of a child’s personal needs, wishes, skills and rhythm of studies. Our teachers are constantly studying something new, developing new educational methods and approaches, and keeping the dialogue both with children and parents. There are 10 courses of studies and development in our School, having guidance in international standards.

Upon graduation every child receives the certificate of general secondary education of the State standard.

In the primary school we practice “wave immersions”, a project-oriented approach to studies which provides for studying in cycles, with personal achievements and results. One of the key moments is a harmonious diffusion of educational and creative, physical, intellectual activities and communication during an academic day.

The level of accumulated knowledge fully corresponds to the school level established by the State standard. We expand the children’s knowledge taking into account their daily rhythm and involving all spheres of development, uniting the methods of presenting educational content so that children would find it more interesting. Individual itinerary of a child’s development provides that the teacher adapts the educational content to the speed of its mastering by every child. The level of knowledge is estimated in a crossing manner: on the basic, the normative and the highest level, as well as by testing and by the level of a child’s activity and individual development. Individual knowledge is selected according to a child’s learning speed and interest in the subject. We are certain that the basis for efficient education is the formation and development of logical thinking, creative and research activities of the students.

We pay our maximum attention to training a harmonious and comprehensively developed personality, in order to adapt a child to modern social environment. A psychologically mature and holistic human is able to be responsible, to act independently, creatively and with courage, to be happy and confident – and that is exactly what we would like our students to become in the future.