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Our achievements in 2020

Our achievements in 2020

💜 We don’t want to keep the memory of year 2020 as a bad one. Instead, we want to be thankful. Because it was the 2020 that helped us discover our strength, adaptability and motivation. We won’t be finalizing the results, but we will recollect the moments that gave us the start  for the space-flight, since:
✔ Even in the state of turbulence and headwinds, we opened two new schools to enable even more Ukrainian kids to obtain modern education within the territory of our country.
✔ We confirmed our official status as the Center for preparation for the Cambridge exams, Cambridge English Qualifications (FCE, PET, KET, Young Learners: Starters, Movers, Flyers), which is the evidence of the CISC adherence to the world standards of English language teaching and preparation for the international exams.
✔ We launched three professional orientation faculties for the students to try their strengths in different professions and to form a powerful background supporting them in post-graduation studies and activities.
✔ We conducted the PROJECT FEST in Kyiv and defended 12 projects presenting the creative ideas aimed at the development of our school and the society as a whole.
✔ We joined our forces with the business, media and educational partners to provide the children with even more opportunities for personal fulfillment.
✔ We conducted the educational forum to share experience with the best practical experts and to develop the Ukrainian educational community.
✔ We opened two modern libraries with the view to development of the reading culture and having even more space within the CISC schools for creating the ideas and  passing the time beneficially.
✔ We participated in the All-Ukrainian imitation game for children and teenagers М18, modeling the local elections, to develop the civic consciousness of our students.
✔ We launched the CISC shop, to make us even more stylish.
✔ We held several debate tournaments in English, to train the debating skills, attentiveness, the ability to defend own opinion, and to apply that experience in our further professional activities.
✔ We opened a cozy school cafeteria, for our breaks to become even sweeter and more comfortable,  and for the parents to have a nice hot cup of coffee while waiting for their young explorers.
✔ We launched many clubs for the kids to have more choices in their development, to discover each student’s talents.
✔ We cooperated as a whole CISC-team and sent the new year presents for the kids and the elderly people alone in the New year’s eve, to give them some holiday spirit and to make this world a little bit kinder.
✔ We initiated the development of the students’ self-government, to motivate the children for more independent decisions and creative ideas.
✔ We made an audio and video fairytale for the elderly people, had a video conference with boarders of a private home for the elderly. After the quarantine is over, we plan to continue this initiative in the offline mode, to provide the lonely grandmas and grandpas with good support and to make them feel less alone.
✔ We studied a lot together with the team, conquering the new platforms, becoming better with every day and mastering even more new educational instruments.
✔ We reflected a lot together with the students and with the team, keeping the balance and finding the support in different circumstances.
✔ We presented our first online New-year preformance, to give each and every one of you a part of our affection and belief in the New-year miracle.
✔ Our first 11th grade graduated in 2020, and now our graduates have their further education in different countries of the world, demonstrating excellent results. We are extremely proud, and we think that this is the best achievement in 2020!
As you can see, this is not the final, but yet another great start, and we keep going forward.
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