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New form of meetings for teenagers in CISC_Lviv

New form of meetings for teenagers in CISC_Lviv

A new form of extracurricular intellectual game meetings for 12-16 year old teenagers “Mafia CLUB” commenced its activity in CISC_Lviv.

The meetings are aimed at development of:
– logical thinking;
– declamatory skills;
– acting technique;
– intuition.

During the game, the teenagers learn to:
– cooperate in a team;
– avoid mind traps;
– formulate their thoughts briefly and distinctly;
– discard intellectual anchors;
– trust and doubt.

At the first meeting of the Club, the children got acquanted, invented nick-names and coordinated the rules, learned to speak laconically in one minute, and observed some   тprompts and clues in behaviour.

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