PROJECT FEST held in Osokorky school location

PROJECT FEST held in Osokorky school location

Construction of a bridge, sports management, making a 3D-model of a city, building a kindergarten for baby quails…
12 projects, two months of work conducted by the teachers, the students of 5-8 grades,  IT-experts and other members of the team, the project defenses organized as scientific conferences, exhibitions and presentations.
At PROJECT FEST held this October in Osokorky school location we presented ideas of the project, and now we are eager to tell you about their results!
✅We collected the data related to electric energy consumed by the building of our Osokorky school location. We studied the means of generating the electric power, explored the notion of «green energy», calculated how much the green energy is more beneficial from the economic and ecological points of view. We also calculated how many and which types of alternative energy sources we need to install in Osokorky location to make our school completely independent from the centralized electric supply.
It turned out that we will need to install 802 solar panels in order to supply CISC_Osokorky with the necessary electric power, each with the area about 1 sq.m. This project was defended in the form of a scientific conference with presentation of all the economic and mathematical calculations.
✅We studied the plans for building a perfect city on the basis of European Renaissance: the way the cities were built from the architectural perspective. We analyzed the trends and features of the Renaissance age, inherent to European city planning, made a 3D-model of a city and printed it on a 3D printer.
✅We studied different types of masks which made influence on the development in different historical ages: from the primeval ages to the modern times.  We classified the masks according to their primary purpose, and made passport for each mask: Venetian, medical, super-hero masks. We made 3D-models of masks and presented our works  in English by making a video.
✅We explored the flora and fauna of our native land, and picked some collectible items. Each participant selected a plant or a shell and decorated it. The students explored the habitat of the selected plant or animal, and then turned the item into a collectible – covered it with epoxy resin and then applied some technical processing. The project was defended in the form of an exhibition with presentation of our decorations and scientific models.
✅We implemented a sports management project. The senior school students  tried themselves in two roles – as the organizers and the judges of a sports competition for the junior students. We chose the floorball and «Capture the flag» games. First, we studied the theory of sports games and the judging methods, selected the tesm members, assisted with the training, organized and held the competitions, made the award certificates, coordinated the changes in the curriculum to hold the competition for a certain grade. In general, we developed our organization skills.
✅We studied different types and styles of bridges, the concepts of their construction, learned the mathematical parameters for a reliable bridge constructionThe students tried to build a Leonardo da Vinci bridge, built without any junction pieces. We created a 3D-model of the bridge and then printed it on a 3D printer.
✅We bred the quails inside our school. We defined the eggs fit for incubation, and then placed a special incubator in the biology lab; we supervised it and controlled the temperature and other parameters. And then the quail chicks hatched in CISC, and we took good care of them, calculated their ration, fed them and cleaned after them. Later on, we gave the chicks to our students’ parents owning a farm.
✅We selected the best and the brightest fast-food networks in the USA, and studied the marketing indicators put into their concepts, their advertising campaigns and target audience. The project was made in English language, including all researches and presentations. To defend the project, the students made some creative posters about the selected network, which they presented at a mini-conference.
✅We selected the Ukrainian literature authors, studied their biographies and the historical context of their lives, their financial status and even food preferences.  Then, the students compared their food preferences with the typical diets advised for the persons of certain age. We created an improvised restaurant menu for a certain writer and the advertisement for that restaurant. The project defense included organization of an interactive restaurant where each student made a dish from the writer’s food ration.

✅We presented some dance, musical and literature performances. We chose the poets and their lyrics that inspire us, and put them into the basis of our performances. We selected the music that fits the rythm of the lyrics and resonates with them. And then the choreography teachers created a dance performance for each of the students. We had some interesting rehearsals, recorded the poetry, over-layed it on the music,  worked with our image and movements.

✅We also defended the project related to solar energy as a renewable energy source. We studied the means for energy generation and the ones included into the sustainable development concept and beneficial for the humankind. We learned about the structure and the principles of a solar battery, as well as the ways it generates energy. We calculated the efficiency of electrical power generation by a solar batteries made with a special construction blocks, and then launched them.
We thank all the participants for this unforgettable two-months scientific journey full of discoveries. We are proud of you, your ideas and the ability to work as a team!

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