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Five ideas for making a creative photo zone

Five ideas for making a creative photo zone

Bright photos always make an event more presentable and increase its WOW effect. I think that each event manager aims at making an event with such after-taste. A birthday, a graduation or other type of party… How can we represent the theme of the event and make it remarkable, with all the participants excited?

Here are five ideas for making a creative photo zone from the Head of CISC_Camps and CISC_Weekend School in Kyiv, Ms. Aliona Plis:

Today, I want to assure you that you don’t need a lot of money to make an event special. Because the most important ingredient is creative imagination.

I develop the programs for the camps and the Weekend School in CISC (Creative International School for Children). Each of our Saturdays is devoted to a single topic of a single block, and each one is bright. That’s why I find the ways of revealing a topic to the full extent possible, and I would like to share my experience and ideas with you.

Here are some «lifehacks» – photo zones created with your own hands. Easy, mobile and affordable!

Version 1. Blackboard wall

A popular and comfortable idea with a wall painted with blackboard paint. You can easily draw on such surface with a chalk, which allows to fulfill the brightest fantasies. And if the paint is magnetic at the same time, you have certainly spotted a super-invention for realization of creative potential and all the bold ideas.

Version 2. Banner with a logotype, or a mono-coloured universal one

You can order such banner at a printing shop and then use it numerous times. A banner can be designed with various themes using any stickers, or even just pictures printed with a usual colour printer.

Version 3. Frame

It can be a:

* Handmade frame related to the theme of the event;

* ready-made moulded frame that can be decorated for the event;

* specially designed PVC frame with the logotype of a camp, club or school. Such frame can be decorated with various theme elements. And believe me, it will be your thing!

Version 4. A bright background made easy!

A bright background can easily be made by gluing together some colourful pictures printed with a colour printer, or from a bright-coloured wrapping paper. Stickers on sticks can become a wonderful addition to any theme or photos. They can easily be found in the Internet, printed and glued to cocktail sticks with silicone glue.

Version 5. Entrance decoration

If you like to draw, you can make a theme photo zone just over the door. I offer for your attention a very creative «Dinosaur» photo zone that makes you feel as if you enter through a dinosaur’s mouth or a cave.

We are making a similar «BATMAN» photo zone for our spring camp «MARVEL HERO MANIA» that starts this spring break. And this is just the beginning! We also intend to make a «Night-time city» where the campers will be able to reveal all their superpowers and demonstrate the superhero outfits they created on their own. All those interested can watch our latest new and events on Facebook and join the exciting spring break!

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