Communication, PR, healthy relationships with people around… Empowerment Project for the students of 10-11 grades

Communication, PR, healthy relationships with people around… Empowerment Project for the students of 10-11 grades

 The students of 10-11 grades participated in the pilot Empowerment Project that took place in Lviv. The program of the project was aimed at providing modern teenagers with the necessary knowledge in the spheres that are vital for them, as well as giving inspiration to build a creative future.  

📌 I Stage – Relationship psychology

The students met with a psychological counselor who conducted a practical training on formation of healthy relationships with the people around, the ability to understand oneself and communicate own emotions. After getting a closer acquaintance, the students from Kyiv and Lviv performed the interesting tasks uniting in teams.

📌 II Stage – Creative entrepreneurship

🔷 The second day commenced with an upscale of our understanding of communication processes. The students learned that it is important not only to build relationships with family, friends and significant people, but also know how to build mass communication, create a personal brand and the brand for your business. We were assisted by a PR agent who works in the sphere of mass communication.

🔷 It turns out that beside the ability to communicate the information about you to the world you must know WHAT EXACTLY to communicate. That’s why the following meeting was devoted to finding the right occupation that would spark the inspiration of each student and the people around. We discussed this topic under guidance of Creative Director of !Fest Holding.

At the end of the II stage the students analyzed creative advertisements made with the purpose of forming an emotional perception of brands.

📌 III Stage – Creativity

We revealed the instruments for activating our own creativity. On the basis of practical cases our teenagers learned the useful lifehacks for realization of their own creative projects.

The Project covered 5 CISC values – self-respect and respect to others, interaction, responsibility, development and creativity.

Within three days we managed to apply several instruments of personal enhancement – role models, training games, mechanisms that help to understand and develop oneself.

We received an awesome background. Now, we are ready to conquer new horizons. 🚀

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